The first time you respond to a crisis shouldn’t be an actual crisis.

Political Science 347 end-of-course exercise: “Virus 347”

I build resilient teams that respond well to crises by developing trust, talent, and experience through crisis scenario exercises:

  • Foresight – Anticipate contingencies and crises so you can respond to them effectively or avoid them outright.
  • Cohesion – Empower decision-making at all levels, improve collaboration, encourage prudent risks, and manage ambiguities effectively.
  • Confidence – Have greater assurance that your people will be able to act decisively and think flexibly, whatever the stakes.
  • Agility – Pivot sooner and more effectively so you don’t exhaust all your funds in the wrong places.

Working with me is easy:

  • Free Consult and Proposal – In our first meeting, we’ll dial in on your needs, objectives, timeline, and project scope.
  • Wargame – I conduct a tailored crisis scenario exercises with your team. Scenarios typically last 1/2 day to 3 days and can be run one-site or remotely.
  • Debriefing and Integration – In this candid but generally praise-focused step, we decompress emotionally, capture best practices, explore mistakes and lessons learned, and focus on clear action items. You get an after-action report with practical insights, plus structured follow up to help you get off the runway.

In addition to crisis response exercises, I can also support your organization with:

  • Small Team Tabletop Exercises (STTEs)
  • Neutral Discourse Facilitation
  • Organizational Gaming/Wargame Design Courses
  • Problem & Scenario Design Services
  • Corporate Team Building Exercises & Events
  • Public Speaking Engagements

A you ready to prepare for the next storm, pandemic, or market shift? Schedule a free consult